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Mark E Smith Reviews Your Arsenal by Morrissey

Select (September 1992)

Side One

'Your Gonna Need Someone On Your Side'

About time. A superb start that combines excellent vocals, Ronson's production and a nod to Joe Meek.

'Glamorous Glue'

In which Morrissey seems to be endorsing eloping to Los Angeles, and that London is dead. I've always held the opinion that Morrissey should get out and abouta bit more. The group are impressive, but already the guitarist is getting above his station and the bass player has too much equipment.

'We'll Let You Know'

Another attempt at identifying with soccer hipness. Morrissey at his most artistic negation. The reason why we will not win World War III, it is Noel Cowardice and well-meaning teenagers do not need it. Here Morrissey "relates" to Italia '92. Groan. He is in a quandry here and elaborates all about it, which leads to...

National Front Disco and 'Certain People I Know'

There is a rampant cottage industry developing in this country, I call it "information anxiety" whereby if you are not up on what some illiterate graduate in the Observer says about: soccer, fascism, service in hotels, people in jeans and trainers - you are in some way 'out of touch'. This places Morrissey in the realm he should not be in: that of Robbie Coltrane, Vaudevillean wise-ass who pontificates about countries and situations he knows nothing about.

Side Two

'We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful

the true artist is jolly and wiishes his friends all success, and joy when they attain it. But competition, that's another matter.

'You're The One For Me Fatty'

This is something M, Ryder and Bernie out of New Order probably wrote on their way through a Manchester estate when driving in Johnny Marr's limo. Yo ho ho!

'seasick, Yet Still Docked'

See 'We'll Let You Know'

'I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday'

This is extremely beautiful choclate mystery track and is the kind of thing Morrissey should be developing


These last two tracks find Morrissey going back to what he really should develop, i.e. the voice, the attack, and I think he is on the right track. That's it. Coulda done with more time.

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