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Fall Forum One

I posted this message to NME's Angst on 01/04/99, only to discover that the Angst site is ...well take a look for yourself ( No in fact don't, it's terrible. I then e-mailed the editor asking him to consider it for angst.

Ranted by Maurice on Apr 01, 1999 at 18:27 IP:

I've just put down this weeks NME and I can't believe that this so called 'Hardline Issue' did not mention The Fall. For God's sake Stephen Dalton wrote that The Clash 'remain the definitive no-sell-out bench mark of British Rock', give me a break. What about the 'Cut The Crap' era when Strummer so starved of ideas failed miserably (including crap haircut) to turn back the clock. Who would pay millions to see that line up reform. Give The Fall their due. They have been the most original and prolific band of the last two decades. They couldn't sell out if they tried, and they are still unsurpassable. Not a mention...terrible.

A reply was received in the notice board from 'Frank'

Total agreement with you there Maurice. They're the best thing since sliced bread are The Fall, always have, always will.

Comments on this No sell Out feature in the NME anyone?

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